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Bunkering solutions

Wherever available, we offer bunker fuels in compliance with the ISO/SOLAS 60°C (140°F) minimum Flash point requirement and MARPOL Annex VI 0.1% (1000ppm) maximum Sulphur content limit, as well as ensuring that MARPOL Annex VI Bunkering & Sampling guidelines are followed whenever possible.
Depending on location, we can offer supply either Ex-Pipeline, Via Truck, By Barge or at a Fuelling Station.
Both location and local regulations will often dictate the grade(s) of Gas Oil or Diesel that can be bunkered but, predominantly, availability will consist of one of the products listed below.
Wherever available and preferred, our products are also Biodiesel-Free.

  • Automotive Gas Oil (EN 590)
  • Marine Gas Oil (ISO 8217 DMA or DMB)
  • Winter Gas Oil (EN 590)
  • Arctic Gas Oil (EN 590)
  • Ultra-Low, Low or High Sulphur Diesel (compliant with local regulations)

We can also source any additional Petrol/Gasoline, Jet A1 Fuel or Lube/Hydraulic Oils or Greases, subject to product availability and suitable delivery logistics.